Our Mission

Project Burrito is joining the fight to eradicate hunger nationwide and help those in need escape the cycle of poverty. We hope to do so by expanding our reach until Qdoba patrons all across America are scanning the Project Burrito rewards card, helping us feed as many people as possible.

We are starting on college campuses on the East Coast and hope to expand from there.


How It Works


Project Burrito is able to feed those in need simply by using Qdoba’s Reward Program. Just like any other Qdoba customer’s rewards card, you ask to scan this one at checkout. Instead of redeeming burritos for your personal satisfaction, however, we elect to redeem burritos to hand out to those in need.

It is up to you to spread the word about Project Burrito and our mission to your fellow Qdoba patrons. The more people that ask to swipe the Project Burrito Q-rewards card, the more hungry stomachs get filled.

Download the picture of the card below to Eat It Forward!

Our Story

Chris Overcash started Project Burrito in the summer of 2012 with his little cousin, Annalise. They frequented Qdoba for lunch and decided there had to be something they could do with all the reward points they were accumulating. They decided they could cash them in and give out free burritos to homeless people in Philadelphia! They got friends and family to use the shared rewards card and eventually handed the project over to Tejas Bala & team so they could grow it into what you see today!

In 2014 Tejas introduced Project Burrito to the Northeastern University Community in Boston where we worked closely with the Qdoba Restaurant on Huntington Avenue to redeem and handout 171 burritos. Some of those we were able to feed include members of the Commons Cathedral, visitors in the St.Francis House, and the needy on the street, in T Stations, and in the Boston Common.

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